Stop Banging Your Head Against the Wall and Hire a Blog Copywriter Immediately

Matthew Brennan, Copywriter
4 min readMay 20, 2020

There are a lot of benefits to be had when you hire a blog copywriter…

You wouldn’t walk into a psychiatrist’s office and ask “That’s it, am I cured?” after one appointment.

You wouldn’t eat healthy for a day and expect to hit your weight-loss goals.

You shouldn’t expect to hit your business SEO goals after a single blog post, either. My clients have heard me compare blog writing and SEO content strategy in general to dieting and exercise. It’s possible and even likely that you can hit your goals, but it’s going to take a total change in habit or routine.

You’re busy running your company. Marketing requires effort and discipline. The right professional copywriter can also help you with:

If you cannot keep to a specific content writing schedule, one of the best things you can do to increase your visibility and strengthen relationships with existing clients is to hire a professional blog copywriter to help you produce meaningful marketing content.

5 Benefits When You Hire a Blog Copywriter

It Frees Up Your Time — We’re in a culture that thrives on immediate results. While blogging can work wonders for your business, the results accumulate over time. It’s a slow, but powerful investment in your future.

Whatever field you’re in, chances are it’s extremely crowded. All those businesses are doing what they can to gain the same visibility that you’re looking for. There was a wrestler by the name of Dan Gable who went 181–1 during his college career. As he worked out and practiced, he always pictured what the other guy was doing. And he’d work harder and do more. It’s a surefire way to success, but it’s a steep time commitment.

You can either set aside regular writing time every day to generate the visibility that you are looking for, or you can hire a blog copywriter. When you outsource this activity, you are free to spend your time on the money-making activities associated with running your business. You are freed up to pursue your original passion.

No Need to Pay an Employee — If you have a copywriter on staff, there’s a growing need to keep them busy at all times. You’re likely paying them hourly, whether they’re working on a project or not. If there’s often not enough work, or the work doesn’t seem to be producing desired results, there’s a natural tension that builds.

When you hire a blog copywriter on a freelance basis, you’re paying for the completed project. Once that part is done, there’s no continued obligation. You’re paying for completed work, and that’s it.

Benefit from an Outside Perspective — Sometimes you may simply be too close to the material. If you’re writing posts that are technical in nature, and above your audience’s head, there’s a good chance this may be the case. But it can also occur when there’s a political environment within your company, and it’s harder to step back and view the material from the audience’s perspective.

When you hire a blog copywriter, you can benefit from this outside perspective. You’ll get someone writing your posts who is more easily able to step back and view things from an objective manner.

You’ll Benefit from Their Expertise — A blog copywriter feels the same passion about writing blogs and other marketing copy that you feel when you’re helping customers or working inside your business. He can help you build links, improve your SEO rankings, and implement a long-term content strategy.

When you find the right professional copywriter, they’ll understand how to balance the line between writing for the audience and writing for search engine visibility. They’ll dive into the research and show a certain level of curiosity on how your business works. All of this results in stronger content that will produce bigger results.

Cast a Wider Net — A blog copywriter is the next best thing to maintaining that consistent writing schedule yourself. When you publish consistent weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly blog posts, you’ll be building a deeper content library. That’s content that will help your business get found online.

Instead of having 15–20 pages for the services you offer, your site has hundreds of indexed pages, if you’ve been posting for a long duration of time on a consistent schedule. This makes a big difference as customers are spending more time online researching their purchases.

If it’s your blog post they find while they’re in the research phase, they’re more likely to stick with you through the long run. You’ve positioned your company as a trusted expert.

You’ll Do Well to Hire It Out

Chances are you’ve got a lot on your plate. When you own a business, there’s no shortage of aspects to worry about. When you hire a blog copywriter, you can create a content system that will serve your business well in the long run. You’re investing in a slow buildup of valuable marketing material that can better position your company for success.

Do you have any questions or would you like to talk about your next blogging project? Contact me today!

Matt Brennan is a Chicago marketing copywriter and copy editor. He is also the author of Write Right-Sell Now and The Virus and Us.



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